Publicity for Small Business: Tips for Getting Your Artisan Business Noticed by the Press

Publicity for Small Business: Tips for Getting Your Artisan Business Noticed by the Press
Publicity for Small Business: Tips for Getting Your Artisan Business Noticed. As Seen In with a photo of Artisan Joy Magazine.

Earning publicity for small business can seem daunting for entrepreneurs. It is challenging but not impossible for artisan businesses to get noticed by the media. We consulted PR pro Teia Wallington, the founder and public relations manager at Love Publicity in Detroit for advice.

Teia has unique insight into PR for artisans because she worked with several makers through Nest, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that supports artisans domestically and around the world.

Here are Teia’s three manageable tips for getting noticed by media outlets.

  1. Have great visuals! High- quality photos and videos (that can now be produced from acell phone and great lighting) can help you on more than a social media page. Your beautiful work can grab the attention of an editor or producer. You can create product style, lifestyle photos or fun and engaging videos showcasing your work.
  2. Clear messaging. Having a clear, consistent message about who you are. What you’re selling and your story should be easy to figure out. Having a short bio, product descriptions or even a fun video to share this information will allow the journalist or producer to connect with you.
  3. Be accessible. Buying your goods or contacting you should be extremely easy. If you make the journalist work to find a contact or a buy button, they will grow less and less interested in covering you. Therefore, make sure you have your contact information in your social bios, and try to make sure you have a digital footprint like your own website—even if it’s just a one-pager with your contact information.

About Teia

Love Publicity is a creative public relations agency headquartered in Detroit, Mich. that helps clients across many sectors, including lifestyle, hospitality, retail and nonprofit, by engaging traditional, digital and social public relation strategies to produce innovative publicity campaigns.

Love Publicity focuses on securing nationwide clients in print, online and broadcast media as well as in blogs and social media—thereby getting clients’ stories face-to-face with its target audiences…and creating content is our thing too!

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Editor’s Note: Interviews took place online/via email. The quotes in the interview were edited slightly for length, clarity and style.

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