Unruly Pages No More: Innovative Product Solves Notebook Damage and Disorganization

Unruly Pages No More: Innovative Product Solves Notebook Damage and Disorganization

For artists like Kimberly Lavon, the struggle is real. Constantly on the move, her sketchbooks often become beat up and disorganized, a common frustration for artists, writers and anyone who carries around a notebook. 

“I was tired of dealing with damaged sketchbooks. I wanted something simple and effective to keep my pages protected and organized,” the artist said. After futile attempts with binder clips and rubber bands, Kimberly set out to create something effective to protect and organize her pages. After numerous attempts, she developed Pad Tie, a reusable book band.

Credit: Kimberly Lavon/Pad Tie.

"The original Pad Tie setup was made from duct tape and painter's tape," the designer said. What started as a DIY solution, quickly became a potential product. However, the transition from a homemade tool to a marketable item was not as straightforward as Kimberly initially thought.

The designer's original concept for the Pad Tie book band. Credit: Pad Tie/Kimberly Lavon.

"When I got into the production side, I discovered 240 different substrates to test. When you break down the possible number of solutions, it totals 28,680 kits." The entrepreneur went through many iterations of her product during development before landing on a final design.

Pad Tie in action. Credit: Kimberly Lavon/Pad Tie.

Kimberly summed up Pad Tie as "the first sticker-based book band designed to keep your books closed and your pages protected." Made in the U.S., the affordable sticker pack is durable and reusable and can be used with notebooks, journals, sketchbooks or binders.

Pad Tie is now available in a couple of U.S. retailers, and Kimberly plans to expand globally. In the meantime, you can purchase a pack at padtie.carrd.co.

Artist Kimberly Lavon and creator of Pad Tie. Credit: Kimberly Lavon.

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