Mother’s Day Shopping Trends and Predictions

Mother’s Day Shopping Trends and Predictions

If you’re a maker, you may be creating products for consumers to buy for Mother’s Day gifting as we speak. You may also prepare for the day by looking at trends to help you determine what to create, promote and sell. We pulled together research on Mother’s Day shopping trends and predictions to help you brainstorm. In this article, you can also find information about when retailers shop for their Mother’s Day wholesale orders and when consumers typically buy Mother’s Day gifts.

Etsy published “Marketplace Insights: Early 2023 Trends” in its “Seller Handbook” in December 2022. The marketplace predicts shoppers will look for traditional gifts with a twist for Mother’s Day. In fact, the article noted a “56% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing ‘personalize gift mom.’” Get ready if you make personalized gifts and jewelry! The report also mentioned that consumers will select “whimsical Mother’s Day cards” this year.

Travel gifts make great Mother’s Day gifts this year.

Todd Stearn, founder and CEO of www., provided additional thoughts about shopping trends. “Many people, including moms, are really valuing travel right now. There is still huge pent-up demand. Flight searches are up 46 percent year-over-year on Kayak. So, I think hot gifts this Mother’s Day will be centered around travel. These could be cute luggage tags, beautiful picture frames and shadow boxes to preserve travel memories, travel-size toiletry bottles, belt bags and more,” he said.

We explored a facet of Todd’s prediction with Insightfactory, an SEO tool for Etsy. At the time of this writing, Insightfactory called the search term “personalized luggage tag” a “hot sale signal.” According to the tool, “59 from 60 listings on the first page of Etsy search results had at least one sale during the past week.”

Experiential gifts are predicted to be hot sellers. Think artisan-led classes.

If you’re an artist or maker who teaches or is considering offering classes, we have some good news. Gifts of experience were popular Mother’s Day presents in 2022, and the trend is expected to continue.

“More people are turning to memory-making experiences as gifts to enjoy together or individually. Our research shows these types of gifts help to form lasting bonds and are special for both the gift giver and recipient. Pottery classes, glassblowing, soap making, custom frame making, glow in the dark splatter paint sessions and DIY custom candle pouring workshops are just a few of the many experiences we offer at Virgin Experience Gifts,” said Melanie White, vice president of Virgin Experience Gifts.

When to pitch retailers your Mother’s Day goods

Here is a tip for makers looking to pitch their Mother’s Day gifting goods to retailers. The wholesale marketplace reported in a blog post that retailers begin searching for Mother’s Day in January. Searches on increased in February and will spike even more in March. So now is the time to pitch those retailers!

When consumers shop for Mother’s Day, a loyalty marketing platform, surveyed consumers in 2022 about Mother’s Day. The site reported that 74 percent of those surveyed planned to shop for Mother’s Day in April or May.

Happy selling!

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