Where to Shop Handmade Halloween Costumes for Pets

Where to Shop Handmade Halloween Costumes for Pets
The left photo shows a dog in a pirate costume. The right photo shows a pug in a pig costume.
Left: Courtesy of Downunder Dog Designs. Right: Courtesy of Fit Frenchie.

Many pet parents get a kick out of dressing up their furballs for Halloween, and the practice spreads joy. It’s hard not to smile when we see a cat, dog or hamster in costume. Here are three artisans who sell handmade Halloween costumes for pets. They all take custom orders, but their lead times vary. So if you need an outfit by a specific date, be sure to check with the artisan about their order deadlines.

Downunder Dog Designs

Cheryl Keninger had a hard time finding clothes to fit her dachshund Doxie. So, she took matters into her own hands and began making custom dog clothes for her furry friend. Cheryl opened her Etsy shop Downunder Dog Designs in 2009 and donates proceeds to dog rescues in Washington State.

The left photo shows a dog in a devil costume and the right shows a dog in a butterfly costume.
Courtesy of Downunder Dog Designs.

In the entertainment industry, Cheryl is known as a “Canine Couture Designer.” Her work has been featured in television shows and two movies: Wiener Dog Nationals and its sequel Wiener Dog Internationals. Downunder’s Etsy page notes that Cheryl has dressed the pets of celebrities. Additionally, dogs strutting down fashion runways, including the New York Pet Fashion Show, have worn outfits from the designer’s couture line.

Let photo is of a black, white and red cowgirl costume for pets and the right is of a small dog in a 1950s inspired poodle skirt.
Courtesy of Downunder Dog Designs

You can find more than 330 handmade Halloween costumes for pets in Cheryl’s shop, and she also accepts custom orders, including tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses for dogs. The designer makes all her own patterns and takes great pride in her work, especially her one-of-a-kind designs.

Fit Frenchie

If you want to be twinsies with your pet, check out Fit Frenchie on Etsy. Owner Shinji designs matching hipster tops for pets and their owners. She also creates super-cute costumes for dogs. Fit Frenchie is a tribute to Shinji’s beloved dog-Oreo Lee, who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Fit Frenchie donates a portion of sales to animal shelters.

Courtesy of Fit Frenchie

A fan-favorite on Etsy, Fit Frenchie has made over 7,340 sales and has a 5-star rating at the time of writing.

Two photos. Left of a man in a Hawaiian style shirt holding a small dog in a matching shirt. Right: Dog in a yelllow sweater with a cactus design posing with a woman in the same sweater.
Courtesy of Fit Frenchie

Mel Rose

Earlier this week, we posted an article on where to get handmade Halloween costumes for humans, and we featured fashion designer Mel Rose. She creates stunning mermaid costumes and other memorable designs. We have some good news for fur moms and dads. Mel can also make costumes for your four-legged friends. Reach out to Mel on email to order a custom pet costume melroseparadisiac@icloud.com.

Photo of a small dog in a mermaid tail costume.
Courtesy of Mel Rose.

If you know another artisan who sells handmade Halloween costumes for pets, please tell us in the comments. We’ll update this article.

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