Artisan Joy Issue 5

Paperback, 44 Pages of Pure Content, Printed in Color, Coffee Table Book Quality, Printed On Demand by Online Printer Mixam

Issue 5 of Artisan Joy is filled with inspiring stories and insights from art, design and creative entrepreneurship. This issue highlights the incredible creativity and resilience of individuals who have pursued their passions and turned them into careers. Plus, it features words of wisdom from Rhode Island School of Design’s Director of Career Services.

Discover Janna Willoughby-Lohr’s story about how she created a successful paper artistry business with employees. Be inspired by Jamie Batiste, who turned a breakup into the inspiration for her thriving jewelry company.

Meet Shaelynn Haning, a professional tailor who’s making modern sewing lessons accessible to all on YouTube.

Our issue also delves into the transformative power of creativity in healing, with stories from jewelry designer Beth McLacklan and artist and ocean advocate Bonnie Monteleone.

Explore the world of entrepreneurial artisans, from Yvonne Liao, who empowers women through shoemaking, to Laurie Underwood, who went from “Project Runway” to the wedding aisle with Laury Bride. Be inspired by the art of mindful crafting with fiber artist, retreat leader and author Liza Laird.

We also take you on a journey with Sated Ventures, where artisans are woven into the tapestry of travel. If you’re looking for ways to make a positive impact with craft, be sure to check out “10 Places Where You Can Donate Handmade Items.” And don’t miss the article on Reiki, which explains how this healing art can help you unlock your creativity or overcome a creative block.

Enjoy this issue, and let the stories fuel your own artistic endeavors and entrepreneurial dreams.